DJ Annsh is an accomplished DJ, remixer, and music producer from Indore. With over 12 years of experience, he has become a prominent figure in the music industry, specializing in commercial and Bollywood music. DJ Annsh's versatility shines as he fearlessly explores various genres, refusing to be confined to a single style.

Since his DJ debut in 2010, DJ Annsh has captivated audiences with his seamless mixes and captivating performances. In 2012, he ventured into music production, creating popular Bollywood remixes that have been featured on Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM, solidifying his reputation.

In addition to his remixes, DJ Annsh has made a mark with his original electronic music compositions. His work has been recognized by national news outlets such as Zee News, Times of India, News18, India TV, News24, Daily Pioneer, Daily Excelsior, as well as local news platforms.

Notably, DJ Annsh excels at creating engaging mashups, blending tracks from different genres to deliver high-energy sets that ignite dance floors. With his dedication, diverse musical knowledge, and unwavering passion, DJ Annsh has built a loyal fan base and earned the respect of his peers. His talent, drive for excellence, and willingness to push boundaries continue to elevate the art of DJing and music production.

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DJ / Music Producer

DJ Since: 2010
Category: Club DJ / Event DJ

Main Genre: Commercial & Bollywood
Genre: EDM, Hip-Hop, Retro, Hardstyle

Music Source: Digital, Vinyl
Set Duration: 2 Hours

Audio Visual DJ-ing (DVJ)

Having constantly striven to break boundaries DJ Annsh has forever pushed the creative envelope. In 2016, he took an initiative to put audio and visuals together showcasing his creativity. In this Exclusive set He Perform music with some crazy visuals. He has compiled 3 Hours of Exclusive power-packed Audio Visual set with the latest and greatest in Bollywood & Dance music, making it a much-awaited musical event of everyone. Annsh's un-flailing enthusiasm serves as a reminder that an artist is a creator. He always love to convert his illuminating ideas for music into reality. Over Nine years, DJ Annsh has worked with top clubs in the music industry & many exciting artist.


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